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AGF Feel The Difference

Art Gallery Fabrics stand out for their unique and high-quality fabrics. They offer a wide range of prints and solids with vibrant colors and beautiful designs that are perfect for creating stunning quilts, garments, and home decor items. The brand is known for their premium cotton fabrics, that are soft to the touch and easy to work with. Moreover, their fabrics are versatile and durable, making them a popular choice among quilters and sewists. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced crafter, Art Gallery Fabrics has something to offer for everyone.

At Sew Much, we proudly carry special selection of Art Gallery Fabrics, reflecting our commitment to providing only the best for our customers. These fabrics are not just materials but a canvas for your creativity. The vibrant colors and intricate patterns can elevate any project, making your creations truly stand out.

One of the key features that set Art Gallery Fabrics apart is their premium cotton quality. The softness of the fabric ensures that it is pleasant to work with, while its durability means your projects will last. This balance of comfort and resilience is ideal for a variety of sewing applications, from intricate quilts that require precise stitching to everyday garments that need to withstand frequent wear.

Our selection includes a diverse array of Art Gallery Fabrics, from bold, eye-catching prints to subtle, sophisticated solids. This variety allows you to find the perfect fabric for any project, whether you're looking to make a statement with a striking design or need a versatile solid to complement your existing fabric stash. The fabrics are suitable for a wide range of projects, from decorative home items like throw pillows and curtains to fashion-forward clothing pieces and heirloom-quality quilts.

Why I Love AGF?

Your garment sewing will be on a new level when using the luxurious cottons from Art Gallery Fabrics. In my personal experience the clothing I have made from their prints and solids feel great and come out of the dryer realitvely wrinkle free. Don't be afraid to make your next favorite outfit with Art Gallery Fabrics!

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