Best Thread To Use for Machine Quilting


Awhile back I decided to investigate using a different thread for my quilting. I have been sewing for as long as I can remember with the majority of my sewing being garments, and I have always used the all-purpose polyester thread as it was the most readily available. I have amassed quite the collection of colors and rarely needed to buy any new and have the use what you have attitude instilled from my ancestors.  So, as I began quilting more, I just used these threads for my piecing with good results, never really thought anything about it, even used it for the quilting and adding the binding.

A few years ago I invested in a quilting frame on which I use my domestic sewing machine, (someday a long arm), but for now this works great! The first few quilts I used the all-purpose poly thread that I had so much of, then I chose to go with thread labeled machine quilting, which was cotton, but seemed pretty heavy to me and doesn't seem to have clear labeling as to size. Not being an avid quilter I hadn't tried any other size thread and thought this thread was as good as any. I continually struggled with the stitches underneath just not looking as nice as the top. I tried adjusting tension slowed down my free motion movements and still stitching wasn't as neat as I would like. 

I started researching threads and saw many blogs, and posts recommending 50wt cotton thread. Aha! I got my hands on some 50wt thread from Aurifil loaded it up on the machine and bobbin and began quilting my next project. Aurifil 50wt cotton thread

Oh what a difference! The stitches on the back of the quilt are just as nice as the front and with my lack of personal speed control of my free-motion movements the stiches stay nice and even. (Thanks also for that stitch regulator.)

I began using this same 50wt cotton thread for my piecing and that has been a game changer as well. The seems lay even flatter than before thanks to the smaller thread. 

I highly recommend using this size thread in your quilting projects it has made such a difference in my own. I am a believer in 50wt cotton thread being the best for quilting and I will never go back to anything else. There are several brands that offer 50wt cotton thread and in many colors, I seem to gravitate to just using white or off white. 

Now I still use the colors of poly thread I have on hand to add binding as I choose to do so on the machine and matching colors is nice.

What is your favorite thread to use? I would love to hear your comments.

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I’m a user of “collected” thread, but now I know that maybe I need to be more “picky” for a better bobbin side look on my quilting. Thank you!


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