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Tina’s Garden Dahlia Fabric Panel Project Idea

I often have fabric that gets me thinking "What If?" What if I cut it this way and sew it that way? Many times just asking that question and cutting and sewing can deliver some interesting results. 
Here is what I did with the panel from Tina's Garden by Clothworks Textiles.

Finished Dimensions 40" wide x 38 1/2" tall

You will need 1 Panel of the 4 dahlia flowers, 2 1/2 yards for backing, batting at least 4" bigger each direction than top, and 3/8" yard for binding (2 1/2" strips). 

Step 1: Separate the flowers into 4 squares they end up pretty much 21" square. 

Tina's Garden Fabric Flower Panel

Step 2: Cut the flowers in half vertically.

Tina's Garden fabric panel each flower cut in half

Step 3: With right sides together sew these rectangles together to create half rectangle triangles. I paired the purple with the orange and the pink with the yellow. This can be a little tricky lining these up, follow the diagram below and lay right sides together, pin in a few  places. Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner as shown and sew 1/4" to each side of the line. 

sewing rectangle fabric pieces to create half rectangle triangles

Step 4: After sewing the rectangle pairs cut along the drawn diagonal line. You will end up with 8 half rectangle triangles.

Tina's Garden fabric panel sewn into rectangles

Step 5: Now cut these rectangles in half horizontally. 

Tina's Garden flower fabric panel cut into squares

Step 6: Sew the squares together as shown below.

tinas garden fabric quilt idea

Step 7: Arrange these new rectangle blocks and stitch together following example. Layer with backing and batting and quilt your favorite way, then add binding. 

Enjoy your stunning quilt! Use as a wall hanging or as decor on a chair or sofa. Let me know what you think!

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