Fantastic Scrap Fabric Project

This is a fun way to use up some scraps and upcycle a tired pair of jeans. Also, a great way to get those teens off their phones and interest them in an easy sewing project where they can use some creativity and learn or improve some sewing skills too. 

Start by gathering some scraps and a pair of jeans.

pair of jeans with pile of colorful cotton scraps

Next carefully remove pockets with a seam ripper. 

jeans with seam ripper pair of jeans with pockets removed

Cut your scraps into strips, of varying widths and at least a couple inches longer than the pockets. Lay your first strip on one edge of the pocket and then a second strip right side down on top lining up raw edges on the right. Stitch from one end of strips to the other. Use a 90/14 size or jeans needle to easily sew through all the layers.

 first fabric strip on pocketsecond fabric strip on pocketsewing fabric strips to jeans pocket

Flip right side out press and repeat until pocket is filled. Make sure you have at least a 1" overhang on each edge. You can sew the strips to the pocket at an angle, straight up and down, or side to side, however you choose. 

adding more fabric strips to jeans pocketsewing fabric strips to jeans pocketsewing fabric strips to jeans pocket

Flip pocket over double check that you have the 1" extending beyond the jeans pocket on all sides. If not its easy to just add a strip to give you that little extra. (In fact I got one pocket all done and noticed I only had 1/2' on one side, I just stitched another strip to that free edge of the first strip, crisis averted.)

 Trim around the pocket edges leaving at least 5/8" to turn under. 

 back side of jeans pocket with fabric strips stitched in placetrimmedpocket

Turn edges to backside of pocket and press. You can use a little fabric glue to hold in place if desired. Topstitch across top of pocket 1/2" from upper edge. 

 finished fabric pocketpocket sewn to jeans

Then, stitch pockets back onto jeans close to outer edges, reinforcing at top edges. 

pockets attached to jeans

 All done!! Have fun wearing your new one of a kind jeans!


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